AK Interactive Books/DVDs Tank 05 Mud & Earth

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Books/DVDs Tank 05 Mud & Earth


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Tanker is the most specialized magazine in the world, devoted entirely to painting techniques painting and weathering techniques of military vehicles. In this issue we focus on mud. We will show through different tutorials, and sbs articles how to implement these techniques and how to translate to your models. Again the best modelers in the world showing us their tricks and techniques. You will learn through high quality photos and step by steps many new ways to use different products to recreate realistic mud in your vehicles. Printed for collecting in high quality format, TTM is a collectible resource packed with useful techniques and inspiration.

Content :

Mud introduction article.
- BT-7 (1935) Wet and Dry Layered Mud
- T26E4 Pershing. Projected Mud by Tracks
- German T-70. Winter Mud
- BMP-2 Chechen War. Mud Texture Combined
- Winston Churchill. Mud & Moisture
- Pixelpower Type 90. Subtle Mud and Splaters
- FT-17 France 1940. Integration of Vehicles in a Muddy Terrain
- Rasputitsa. How to Make a Muddy Road
- Battle Taxi Ram Kngaroo. Scenery with Mud
- School Of Techniques.
- Tips and Tricks.
- Gallery of Mud.
- Interview at the work Bench. Chris Jerret