AK Interactive Books/DVDs Tanker 07 Urban Combats

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Books/DVDs Tanker 07 Urban Combats


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The seventh issue of Tanker Techniques Magazine, the best modelling magazine focused on painting and weathering techniques. Urban warfare has left its print on the development of new tanks and armoured vehicles. This issue of Tanker is dedicated to creating such an environment for your model. We show how to make a street scene, destroyed and bombed out buildings, etc. This time the focus is more on how to present your model in such environments rather than on the vehicles themselfs. Creating such scenes requires some planning and thinking, but it’s not as hard as it seems.

Already here the last issue of Tanker, this time focus in conflicts in villages and cities. In this issue we can feel the battle and the sensations of decadence in cities destroyed by the war. We will see how to recreate these environments, buildings and vehicles.