AK Interactive Books/DVDs Essential Training Airbrushes

Manufacturer: AK Interactive Product Code: AK652

Books/DVDs Essential Training Airbrushes



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This DVD covers basics of airbrushing which will help for successful use of a double action airbrush. Before you can go and paint intricate camouflage patterns or employing color modulation you need to know that basics. You canĀ“t run until you learn how to walk. The DVD shows the beginner to novice modeler how to properly clean their airbrush, basic maintenance and use, etc. This DVD will give you a solid base to give the fear and mystery out of using this essential tool. Even the more experienced modeler will pick up a few things from watching this DVD. We spend hundreds of dollars on airbrushes and compressors and owe it to ourselves to be positive we are using it right. The DVD provides that confidence that you need to have. 57 Minutes. English narration with Spanish and English subtitles.