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Testors ELO Paint & Decal Remover 236ml

Manufacturer: Testors Product Code: TES 542143

ELO Paint & Decal Remover 236ml



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Easy-Lift-Off is the easy way to remove decals and paint from plastic surfaces. Ideal for model railroad applications, as well as model planes, cars, and figures. ELO is ideal for any application where the removal of paint is necessary without removing molded details. ELO is a must have on any modelers bench. Instructions for use: To remove dried paint, you may use Easy Lift Off Remover. Many modelers have found that this is an effective way of removing the paint without harming the polystyrene. Apply the remover and leave it on the affected area until the paint starts to wrinkle. Do not immerse. Using a soft sponge, cloth or brush, rub the film under running warm water. The film will rinse right off. A repeat application of the ELO may be necessary depending on thickness of the paint applications. However, if the surface has been sanded it will be much more difficult to remove the paint. Please follow the precautions listed on the ELO product label.

Once completed, clean the area with a mild dish washing detergent and allow to air dry before you touch up the area with paint.