Minicraft 1/350 RMS Titanic with Photo-Etch Parts

Manufacturer: Minicraft Product Code: MIN 11320

1/350 RMS Titanic with Photo-Etch parts


Scale: 1/350

From Supplier- Ships in 2-3 Weeks

With new information available and with the contribution of many, the Minicraft Models 1/350 scale replica of the Titanic was revised to reflect new information that corrected the original design. An expression of thanks is especially well deserved to the following individuals: Art Braunschweiger, Ken Marschall, Loren Perry, Sean Winterberg, Jacob B. Groby III Roy Mengot, Bruce Beveridge, Bob Read and Mike and Steve Pell for making their research available to update Minicraft Model Kits’ RMS Titanic. To date over 50 changes were made including a new Forecastle Deck, skylights, the center anchor, porthole corrections near the bow, modification of the well decks and corrected decals and flag sheet. Reference information can also be found at the Titanic Research & Modeling Association website:  Using the latest information contemporary research has made available, the Minicraft Model Kits’ 1/350 scale RMS Titanic is the only kit available that accurately represents the famous ocean liner as the ship appeared on the fateful night of April 12, 1912.

  • The largest and finest Titanic model available
  • The most detailed and accurate, over 400 parts
  • 1/350 scale, over 30 inches long (76+cm)
  • Photo-etched brass parts for superb detail