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Heller 1/100 H.M.S Victory

Manufacturer: Heller Product Code: 80897

1/100 H.M.S Victory


Scale: 1/100


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Product Description

This is the 1/100 Scale HMS Victory Plastic Model Sailing Ship Kit by Heller.

Product Features
  • Plastic kit for static display.
  • 2107 parts in brown, tan, black & white plastic plus vacuum-formed sails.
  • Detailed hull replicates the carvings along the sides, bow, & stern of the original and also includes the gunports for the cannon.
  • Full mast detail with cross spars and crow's nests.
  • Deck detail includes hatches, bulkheads, and lifeboats.
  • The kit includes a special "rigging machine" for making the ratlines for the masts. Comprehensive instructions are provided for its use
  • along with.
  • 4 spools of different thickness thread to make the ratlines and other rigging.
  • No English Instructions included. Instructions only in French. Pictures and Diagrams are used for assembling.
Product Specifications
  • Heller Product Number: 80897