Why Shop PlasticModels

1.    PlasticModels, shopping from the comfort of your own home

2.    7 days a week, 24 hours a day - no "closed for Easter" here

3.    Flat freight of $6 - Doesn't matter what size your order is it's just $6

4.    Money back guarantee - PlasticModels stands behind all its products and will do right by the customer every time

5.    Gift Wrapping - for $3 we will gift wrap your model for a special occasion

6.    Online Model Request - Looking for a specific model, tell us what and at PlasticModels we will do our best to locate it and come back to you with a price and expected delivery time

7.    Latest Products - A quick link through to see what the latest products are that have been listed on
       on the site

8.    Payment Options - Your choice of credit card or direct bank deposit


8 great reasons to make PlasticModels your local online model kitset shop