Hasegawa 1/48 Skyhawk A-4M (U.S.M.C Attacker)

Manufacturer: Hasegawa Product Code: HAPT33

1/48 Skyhawk A-4M (U.S.M.C Attacker)


Scale: 1/48 Skill Level: 3

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The A-1 was developed as a stopgap next-generation ground support aircraft to replace the U.S. Marine corps' aging A-4, with the first production aircraft flying in April 1970. Fitted with the powerful j52-p-408a engine, the aircraft was capable of increased ordnance loads. The aircraft was visibly distinguishable from the older A-4 by its squared-off Rudder, and also by the addition on later models of rudder-mounted rhaws rear-warning radar. Decal options: vma-331 "bumble bees", September 1976 vma-214 "black sheep", iwakuni ab, 1977

Skill Level: 3
Pieces:  146
Length: 256.5mm
Width: 177mm
Age 14+