Tamiya Gondola Lift

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 69936

Gondola Lift


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This is a special edition construction kit which offers an enthralling build and an insight into the operation of gondola lift mechanisms. Its cardboard cabin design is a new one, more rounded than the original kit upon which it is based. Just cut it out, color and decorate it as you like, and assemble the pulley mechanism for a miniature working gondola lift!

• Assembly kit creating a gondola lift on a working pulley mechanism.
• Cabin dimensions are L:90mm, W: 115mm, H: 145mm. It comes printed on white card and requires cutting out, sticking together, coloring and other decoration.
• Features an assembly pulley mechanism that runs the gondola lift along the rope in the kit. Stoppers at either end activate the sliding bar and switch the direction of the gondola lift, which trundles from side to side. Parts are molded in white and light gray.
• Comes with a 3-meter length string.
• Requires one AA battery (sold separately).