Tamiya Rail Set for Monorail Train

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 70255

Rail Set for Monorail Train


Available - Ships in 2-5 Business Days

This set includes parts to extend rails for Item 70254 (Monorail Train). Use curved universal arms to make rails, and base parts to connect universal arms. Get this set together with Item 70254 for more fun!

• Curved universal arms (R50, R100) x 4 for each
• Rail stands x8
• Stoppers x2
• 3x8mm Tapping screws x20
• Use curved universal arms to make curved rails.
• Using only this set can even make a circular track for Item 70254 (Monorail Train).
• Straight rails (universal arms x2) from Item 70254 can be used together with this set.
• Base parts can connect to universal arms and can be used to connect parts such as arms and plates by screw attachment on top and bottom.

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