Tamiya Rubber Band Powered Trike

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 70251

Rubber Band Powered Trike


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Tamiya Craft Models are for all to enjoy the basics of construction! This particular product creates the Rubber Band Powered Trike. You can even enjoy playing various types of games such as hitting targets, curling and gate ball with this unique trike!

• Length: 193mm, width: 72mm, height: 94mm. Weight: 90g. Minimum turning radius: 120mm.
• Assembly kit creates the Rubber Band Powered Trike. Push in the push rod to tauten rubber band and release it to propel the trike forward by power supplied via the one-way clutch. (Push rod has markings to show how much you are pushing in it.)
• Change front wheel directions to make the model turn right and left.
• Move shift lever to choose from two types of gears - power type for a faster run (gear ratio 9:1) or stamina type for a longer run (gear ratio 27:1). *See below table for more information.
• Gear Ratio 9:1 (Running Distance = 3 meters) (Traction in grams = 190)
• Gear Ratio 27:1 (Running Distance = 6 meters) (Traction in grams = 45)
• Change the number of rubber bands used (between 1 or 3 is recommended), to adjust power.
• This kit contains five No.14 rubber bands, but general use No.16 bands are also compatible.
• Includes all components needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly. (Tools are separately required.)