Fujimi 1/72 JGSDF Ground Staff

Manufacturer: Fujimi Product Code: FUJ 723433

1/72 JGSDF Ground Staff


Scale: 1/72

From Supplier- Ships in 2-3 Weeks

――Products are developed together with products centered on ordinary courses such as [light armored vehicles, 1 / 2t trucks, high mobility vehicles] of this series.
――It can be used as a base for figures in various situations by processing, adjusting, and devising.
--The parts are divided into 4 blocks [head, arms, body, legs], expressing everything from realistic shapes to wrinkles in combat uniforms.
――Although it is 1/72 scale, it features details such as belts and shoelaces, and detailed modeling such as carrying rifles.
――For the ground, the main content is shooting, a rifleman who stands on one knee and runs, and a normal member with a Type 01 light MAT. If you use the parts to the maximum, you can create 19 figures. Eight rifle-carrying postures on one knee, eight running rifle-carrying members, and three shooting postures for Type 01 light MAT.
-The head is equipped with 88 type iron rods, and each position is made into special parts to express the detailed orientation and angle of the head.
――The arms, body, and legs are parts dedicated to each position and equipped with bulletproof vests.
-Three-dimensional members who shoot the Type 01 light MAT from the upper hatch of the light armored vehicle.
-Unlike the above combination type, a special runner product that is reproduced with 5 special parts.
――For Type 01 Light MAT, the launch tube and the base are made into separate parts, and consideration is given to different painting.
--A 7mm square 1mm thick base is included to make the figure stand on its own.
--There is a groove on the back of the base that can be cut as needed.
-A new decal with a camouflage pattern used in the current camouflage combat uniform is included. The size is 50x50mm and you can cut out the required amount and use it.
――The camouflage pattern is a style in which the actual pattern is scaled down to 1/72 and partially adjusted to make it look like a model.

--The molded parts are made up of a single gray color.
--5 assembled parts (1 body)
--The completed size is 24 to 17 mm in height (01 light MAT / standing on one knee)

Item Size/Weight : 23 x 15 x 3 cm / 107g

This is a plastic kitset. Modeling glue & paint are required for completion