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Humbrol Workstation

Manufacturer: Humbrol Product Code: 999156

Humbrol workstation


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The Humbrol Work Station is manufactured from a tough and durable material that can't be melted by Humbrol Poly Cement. It is the perfect station to house all the materials for putting together a model so pieces don't go missing along the way. Accessories not included.
Description: Double depth sections for holding 9 x 14ml/12ml Humbrol Enamel or Acrylic pots, or 3ml Humbrol Acrylic pots. Double depth water cup holders, which allows the modeller to place Humbrol 28ml products, such as: Mattcote, Satincote and Glosscote, Decalfix, Maskol, Clearfix, Thinners, Liquid Poly and Weathering Powders. Designed to fit the new Humbrol A4 Cutting Mat (AG9155) within the working area. Two mixing areas either side of the Cutting Mat. A4 Instruction sheet holder. Brush and tool holders. Easy to hold handles either side of the Work Station. Rubber feet, which allows the modeller to place on a flat surface