Magic Factory 1/350 PLA Type 055 Destroyer (8-in1)

Manufacturer: Magic Factory Product Code: MF1004

1/350 PLA Type 055 Destroyer (8-in1)


Scale: 1/350

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The PLA Navy Type 055 Destroyer newly equipped by the Liberation Army Navy is a guided missile destroyer developed and constructed by China. It’s the 4th generation destroyer made by China with a length about 180m and a full-loaded displacement about 13k tons. It is one of the largest missile destroyers in the world. The destroyer Type 055 is equipped with 112-cell vertical launching system,64 cells forward and 48 cells aft, being capable of launching different missiles such as HQ-9 air defense missile and YJ-18anti-ship missile, thus having strong regional air defense capability and anti-ship capability. In addition, Type 055 destroyer is also equipped with a series of medium and short-range weapons,such as H /PJ-45 130mm naval gun, H/PJ-11 11 30mm short-range gun commonly known as Wanfa gun, 24-cell HQ-10 short-range air defense missile, anti-submarine torpedo launch system, CS/AR155mm anti-frog rocket, having powerful bombing ability. Type 055 has a strong electronic system. Its appearance is apparently stealth, being able to suppress radar and infrared single effectively. The electronic system of Type 055 destroyer is also powerful, with obvious stealth characteristics and effective suppression of radar and infrared signals. In addition to 4 new S-band phased array radar antennas covering 360 °, 4 X-band phased array radars are also installed in the integrated RF mast on the top of the bridge. It is the world's first destroyer with integrated dual band phased array radar. The 055 destroyer is also equipped with L-band meter wave radar for detecting hidden aircraft and C-band radar for regional air defense and anti missile. The unprecedented integration of multi band radar gives the destroyer the leading regional air defense and national anti missile capabilities. Nanchang, the first destroyer of Type 055, started construction in 2014. Since its service, Nanchang has participated in various drills and exercises at home and abroad for many times. The destroyer often appears in the international waters north to Aleutian Islands and south to the Nansha Islands with PLA aircraft carrier formation or accompanying other naval ships. In the future, there will be more and more giant naval ships flying the Chinese PLA Bayi military flag sail in the Western Pacific sea area.

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