Thunder Model 1/35 British Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor image

Thunder Model 1/35 British Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor

Manufacturer: Thunder Model Product Code: TM35201

1/35 British Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor


Scale: 1/35

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The Scammell Pioneer was a British 6x4 tractor   used in the Second World War as an artillery tractor, recovery vehicle and tank transporter. Pioneers purchased by the British Army were equipped with a 102 bhp Gardner 6 cylinder diesel engine.
The first 43  recovery tractors delivered to the British Army  from 1936 the British Army were designated the Pioneer SV1S ] and the Pioneer SV1T both with a 3 ton folding crane and lockers for recovery equipment and towing bars.
The Pioneer SV2S  introduced in 1938 had a simpler redesigned extending crane with greater lifting height, and remained in production throughout the war, with 1975 recovery trators produced. A  pair of tracks that could be fitted over the two rear wheels, converting it into a half track with greater traction on soft ground. Many tractors were still used in military service long after WWII.
SV2S recovery tractor:
- 450+ plastic parts,  with slide and  multi-side slide molded details
- faithfully reproduced and highly detailed chassis, winch and jig crane
- accurately molded engine, cab and interior with correctly sized details and shape
- plastic molded tyres with correct pattern as documented in period photos
- PE detail sheet, scale chains and ropes included