Tamiya Anti-Slip Sticker 75x150mm

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 87227

Anti-Slip Sticker 75x150mm


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The Tamiya Anti-Slip Sticker (75x150mm) is designed for many craft/hobbies use. Cut into desired size using scissors or cutting knife.

• Size: 75x150mm
• Thickness: about 0.4mm (excluding backing film)
• Synthetic rubber surface and strong double-sided tape (acrylic adhesives) undersurface for secure attachment.
• Polyester cloth base ensures durability.

Examples of use
• Apply anti-slip stickers on exhibition stands and display cases to limit slippage.
• Apply anti-slip stickers on metal rulers and cutting mats to limit slippage and prevent injury while cutting paper and plastic plates.
• Apply anti-slip stickers to the tip of tweezers to allow secure holding of small parts.
• Use two sheets of stickers to make double-sided anti-slip sheet.