Revell Primer Basic Colour Spray 150ml

Manufacturer: Revell Product Code: RV39804

Primer Basic Colour Spray 150ml


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Basic Color Primer Spray 150ml: The ideal start for a perfect colour result

With the Basic Color Primer Spray from Revell, you lay the perfect foundation for an optimal colour result on your projects. This high-quality 150ml spray has been specially developed to create an even and adherent base coat for colours. This ensures you get the best possible results with careful colour application.

The Basic Color primer spray offers numerous benefits:

  1. Easy application: The spray can be applied effortlessly and ensures an even priming.
  2. Optimum adhesion: The primer improves the adhesion of the colours to the substrate, ensuring a durable and professional result.
  3. Preparation for the application of paint: The primer and subsequent sanding create a perfect surface for the application of paint, resulting in an even and appealing appearance.

How to use the Basic Color Primer Spray:

  1. Shake the can thoroughly before use.
  2. Spray the primer evenly and in thin layers onto the surface to be worked on.
  3. Let the primer dry completely.
  4. Sand the surface carefully to create a smooth base for the paint application.